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To help empower musicians to build a business and disrupt the cycle of the “starving artists”

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To say that I have it made and I'm living the good life, is a huge understatement!!! I never could have imagined the impact that being a music teacher has had on me and my life not to mention the lives of my students all over the world.


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"There are better ideas in your program for the future of teaching than all the ideas presented to me in 5 years at BerkleeCollege of Music "

Marc Fendal ~ Professional Saxophone player and master teacher.

A Comprehensive Guide To Becoming A Professional Game Changing Music Teacher - Virtually While On The Go.

Finally a step by step guide for anyone who wants to play their instrument for a living while at the same time being able to provide a deep and meaningful experience through every lesson they teach. 

Can you imagine being able to have anyone in the country be your student?  Well you can if you teach virtually through Skype, FaceTime or other platforms. I'll show you how.

This course comes with a 100 page guide divided up into 7 chapters. Corresponding videos for each chapter plus bonus videos and content.

Tips and tricks of the trade and so much more.

When completed you receive a certificate of completion.

You will be on your way to freedom and living your dream as you acquire the tools you need to be a professional game changing teacher.

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Hi I'm Jeremy Schulz, Professional Drummer and Drum Teacher

I help musicians become game changing virtual music teachers.

After witnessing the profound effects that my "Purpose Driven" teaching method has had on hundreds of my students, I feel it's my duty to share this gift with the world.  

What better way to share this than to teach other musicians the art of "Purposeful Teaching"!

As a result I started Beats From The Core teacher training program. An online course for any drummer or musician who has a desire to play their instrument for a living while at the same time being able to positively impact people's lives.

Until now, being a successful profitable private music teacher has been hard and usually takes years to figure how and what to teach. There is literally no blueprint or roadmap on how to get started.

Sure you can go out and get a couple of students but how do you keep students month after month for years on end?

How do you promote yourself online? How do you effectively teach while out on the road touring? How do you bill your students ? And the list goes on...

Well in this course I answer all these questions and more.   

Who is this course for??? Any musician who is willing to learn and eager to be a positive change maker.

With a decade and a half of teaching experience I developed a simple and effective teaching method that I call purpose-driven teaching. It is based on my four core teaching principles of connection, empowerment, discovery, and positive self-esteem.

When these principles are applied to the core of your teaching practice, your students will see a massive improvement. These techniques will help make you a very in demand teacher.

Let me show you how.

Are you ready to become a game-changing teacher?

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"Jeremy is more than just a drum teacher, he is a life coach, and his approach to teaching drums is more than teaching you drums, he teaches you how to be better in life. Taking lessons with him has improved my drumming and my outlook on life. I would recommend this course to any drummer of any level."

Jorge Rengifoz
professional drummer Dallas TX


  • Learn the 4 core principles of purpose-based teaching
  • Learn why you need to teach with these principles
  • Learn how to apply them to your teaching practice
  • Learn how to make a living teaching what you love to do.
  • Learn how to have a location independent business and be able to teach while you travel or tour with your band.
  • Get crucial wisdom on communicating your skills to students.
  • Discover the path of continual mastery of your instrument.
  • Become someone who can inspire, motivate and mentor others.
  • Learn how to help people heal and grow through musical training.
  • Learn the keys to providing such tremendous value that you can charge premium rates for your services.
  • Learn how to become and stay relevant in this new teaching market. I'll teach you how to be mobile and teach on-the-go. (I've been traveling full time for over 1.5 years while being able to teach 1 0n 1 private lessons to students all over the world!!)
  • Learn how to teach through Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger Video and what platforms are best and why.
  • Learn what equipment is needed to start teaching your live online video lessons.
  • Learn how to price out your lessons, how to bill your clients, and which platforms are best for billing.
  • Learn how to keep a high customer retention rate. ( I have students that have been buying one month lessons from me for 5 plus years ). This is by far the trickiest part of the teaching business. It's all about providing a higher more unique amount of value through each lesson we teach by applying the 4 core principles.
  • Learn how to always have upward and forward momentum for your students through providing workshops and special events.
  • Learn what tools are a must to deliver written-out music to each student on line.


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"Jeremy’s coaching

sessions have been the most beneficial experiences of my musical journey. The man is outstanding at breaking down information in a way that is easy to understand and engaging. He has given me the tools to be the music teacher I never knew I could become and I highly suggest you enroll in his program."

Douglas Jennings Barrett - Professional Drummer, Drum Teacher, Guitarist, Vocalist - Montana.

Drummer for Disenchanter PDX. 

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The Four Core Principles

By learning to teach through my purpose driven teaching method you will be a very in demand teacher. You will have an extra added value as you will not simply be teaching notes on a page.


The 1st of the four core principles is Connection. It is the game changing attribute that makes music lessons from a Beats From The Core teacher way more than just your average music lessons. By teaching your students connection first based learning techniques, they walk away from each lesson feeling refreshed and  empowered  with focus and clarity. 


As the 2nd core principle, discovery employs the "natural, real world" approach to learning an instrument. We show our students that, yes in-fact they are creative. We prove to them they too have the ability to be the artist and player they never knew they could be. Discovery is a vital part of playing and practicing music, and is attainable by anyone.


The 3rd core principle is that of Empowerment. This is life changer as it really requires of the teacher to be all that they can be. To empower someone you must have the strength and confidence within yourself first. In this chapter I teach you how to acquire the skill of being a mentor and empowering your students through every lesson you give.

Self Esteem

The 4th and last , but certainly not least important, core principle is positive self-esteem. When we foster these other 3 principles in the core of our teaching, our students leave our lessons with a feeling of accomplishment and pride. This helps in the growth of positive self, as the student witnesses their own inevitable progress throughout their time in lessons. This transcends into their everyday lives. 


"When I decided to move into teaching drums I knew that I needed some guidance to avoid pitfalls and just overall maximize my abilities as a teacher.

I searched around for someone to mentor me in that process and was surprised when I initially didn't find much out there in terms of what I was looking for.

Just as I was getting discouraged I found the Beats From The Core teacher training program.I was very excited as this is the only product like it currently available on the market. Now that I have gone through the program I can definitely see that I have learned so much more in a shorter period of time that I ever expected to. Overall I am very happy I decided to do this program and I regard as one of the best decisions I’ve made."

Bill Deatly-Peluso - Drummer, Teacher, Peluso Plays Drums NYC

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The Business Of Teaching

These next chapters will help fast track you on your way to getting set up and operating like a pro. Is what makes Beats From The Core program unique is that I am showing you how to have a "location independent" business. This came out of necessity, as a full time touring drummer I needed a way to still teach my students while I was on the road.

Business Part 5 Networking & Marketing

Now the second half of this program we dive into the business part of being a teacher and playing our instrument for a living.

Part 5 is all about networking. The how to's and the tools you need.

Going around to your local shops and hanging up flyers are a thing of the past. 

Now networking means having an online presence.

I'll show you the best ones to have and why you need them.


Business Part 6 When To Start & What To Charge

Often times the hardest part is knowing when to start and how much to charge.

In section 6 we deep dive into how to effectively communicate our value and process potential students. 

Part 6 also dives into what platforms are best for billing your students even on mobile. We are location independent and need to opperate beyond checks and cash.  

Also what accounting platforms are best and why. 

Business Part 7 The Tools Of The Trade


In part 7 we go over all the tools you need to be mobile and teach from anywhere in the world.

Whether you like it or not, times have changed. We are living in a mobile world and if your not teaching 1 on 1 online video lessons then our missing out

I show you what online video platforms are the best for teaching your students and why I use them.


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Your Questions My Answers

Q - Is this course only for drummers ?

  • A - No. Although I am a drummer and created this program through the decade and half of teaching experience  I hold, it is my belief that these techniques and processes are applicable for any music teaching situation.

Q - What if I have never taught before ? 

  • A - Perfect!! This is the right program to get you started. I have taught many drummers who had zero teaching expierence and are now full time teachers. Good bye grocery store job!!!

Q - Do I have to be a pro level player to be able to teach?

  • A - No. Teaching and playing are totally different skill sets. I have had many teachers go through this program and ask to take lessons from me as to strengthen their drumming vocabulary. If you feel like you want this then just drop me a line.

Q - How many weeks does the course take to complete ?

  • A - This is go at your own pace course. Once you buy you will have a lifetime access to your program module. There will be new content added to your module all the time too. So you can go at whatever pace you want. 

Q - What if I'm not tech savvy? Is this going to be hard for me ?

  • A - No. I give you solutions that are easy and proven to work. If I can learn then you can too. It's what you'd call "Drummer proof"!! 


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